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Designed to dramatically reduce sound vibrations, impact noise and multi-story noise transmissions, Scan Underlay products utilize our patented cross-linking rubber textile technology to offer superior acoustic performance. Our products are engineered for environmentally sustainable building practices, and meet the requirements of common construction and installation methods for concrete.


  • Downstairs noise reduction
  • Room noise reduction
  • Eco-friendly rubber fiber composition
  • Maintains resilience over time
  • Resistant to mold and mildew
  • PVC free product
  • Lightweight; Easy to install
  • Approved for underfloor heating
  • Made in Denmark from recycled tires
  • Odor-free / low-VOC
  • Produced with 50% wind energy

Technical Specifications

Product Name SCANUNDERLAY-1050
Thickness 3.0mm
Decibel Up to 34dB.
ISO 717-2 ∆Lw = 19dB.
Density 1050 GSM ±50
Roll Width 1M ±1mm
Roll Length 10m + 5-10cm
Roll Weight 10.5kg/roll
Coverage 10m2/roll
Shipping 2x24 rolls per pallet space
Material 93% Recycled Rubber Tires
VOC -emission FR Class A+ 0.025mg
DE Compliance: DIBt and AgBB
Fire Class E (DIN EN 13501-1)
Temperature -25C to 90C
Lnw+Ci 45-54
(subject to subfloor structure)
Compression -0.5mm. 1.74 ton per m2 CS (Kpa) 17.4 (CEN/TS 16354)

-1.5mm. 100 ton per m2 CS (Kpa) 1000 (CEN/TS 16354)
Insulation Value 0.040m K/W

  • Scan Underlay 1050
  • Scan Underlay 1050

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