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Next-generation performance, designed for human comfort

At Scan Underlay, we value human-centered design and engineering, which is why we design our products for both acoustic and physical comfort. Our commitment to people also includes the optimization of the distribution and installation experience.

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Scan Underlay Envirement Friendly

Upcycled Materials

Scan Underlay products upcycle end-of-life tires into a patented rubber-textile material. The result is a durable product with stability far beyond traditional underlay

Up to 26dB Downstairs Noise Reduction

Our revolutionary rubber-textile ensures that sound disappears into the product. Downstairs occupants won’t hear footfalls on the floor, crying babies, televisions… only ‘acoustic silence’.

Quality and Durability

Scan Underlay products retain their shape, strength and moisture-wicking performance for the lifetime of the product. And it maintains size under heavy furniture or foot traffic.

Suitable for Underfloor Heating

We love warm floors in the wintertime. Scan Underlay products can withstand temperatures from -25C to 90C.

Simple, mess-free installation

Our products are lightweight, require no temperature adjustment, and are easy to cut to the required size and shape. Lay directly on concrete or wood subfloor, and follow manufacturer’s instructions.

Reuse & Recycling

Scan Underlay products are reusable, which means you don’t need to change your underlay if you change your flooring. And we’ll take used product back at our factory for recycling.

Up to 30% In-Room Noise Reduction

Foot traffic is supported and cushioned by Scan Underlay Acoustic Silence, and in-room sounds are tuned appropriately for conversations or acoustic performances, without echoing.

Low-VOC / PVC-Free

In emissions testing, Scan Underlay products are rated A+ for Europe and complies with California Department of Public Health 2010 Emission Standards. And they are free of PVC.

CO2 Savings

We are proud to use 50% wind energy in the Scan Underlay factory, And by using recycled tires that would otherwise go into landfills, the CO2 savings are good for the environment.

Made in Denmark

Designed and manufactured in Denmark, Scan Underlay is at the forefront of the sustainable living revolution. Our care for the earth, and our labor environment is held to high standards.