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A sustainable product that takes care of your old tyres

At Scan Underlay we appreciate technology and design that focuses on the environment. That is why we have a responsible and sustainable production, that does not emmit any harmful agents in the process, does not have a lot of waste and is CO2-neutral.

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Scan Underlay Envirement Friendly

Upcycled Materials

Scan Underlay products are made from used rubber tyres, and turned into a patented rubber-textile material. The result is a sustainable and durable product, with stability far beyond traditional underlay.

Up to 26dB Downstairs Noise Reduction

Our cross-linking technology ensures that sound is absorbed into the product, and distributed evenly. Downstairs occupants won’t hear any impact noise from above, and will feel less bothered by all kinds of noise in general.

Quality and Durability

Scan Underlay products retain their structure, the ability to breathe, and performance throughout the lifetime of the building.

Suitable for Underfloor Heating

Our products are approved for floor heating, and are safe to use near pipes. The underlay can withstand temperatures from -25 °C to 90 °C.

Simple installation

Our products have a weight that is easy to handle -actually the job can be done by a single man, it is quick and simple. The products are also easy to cut into the required size and shape.


Our products are reusable at all times, which means you don’t need to change your underlay if you change your floor. And we can take back used product for cradle to cradle recycling.

Up to 30% In-Room Noise Reduction

Experience impact sound disappearing, and reduction of eccho.

Low-VOC / PVC-Free

In emissions testing, Scan Underlay products are rated A+ for Europe and complies with California Department of Public Health 2010 Emission Standards. And they are free of PVC.

CO2 Savings

We are proud to use 50% wind energy in the Scan Underlay factory, And by using recycled tires that would otherwise go into landfills, the CO2 savings are good for the environment.

Made in Denmark

Designed and manufactured in Denmark, Scan Underlay is setting an example when it comes to the sustainable living revolution. Our concern for the climate, and our work environment is held to high standards.