• Scan Underlay rolls of under-screed insulation

    We create innovative, high quality, acoustic performance and sustainable under screed insulation for concrete & flooring underlayment

    Patented technology with superior performance – The unique combination of high mass and compression of our Rubber-Textile makes the sound spread throughout the product and reduces the sound by up to 34dB

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    Scan Underlay
  • Achieve world-class acoustical results with upcycled products from Scan Underlay.

    EPD EPDDenmark
  • Scan Underlay rolls of under-screed insulation

    Scan Underlay has now sold more than 1 million square meter.

    Thank you to all our loyal customers, you are amazing, we are grateful for the pleasure of serving you.

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High quality, acoustic performance and sustainable under screed insulation for concrete & flooring underlayment.

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Our Certifications & Partners

  • EPD EPDDenmark
  • Mitglied der DGNB
  • DGNB Navigator
  • Dansk Industri
  • State of Green
  • DGNB Certificate
  • Vindenergi Danmark
  • Dansk Akustisk Selskab DAS
  • Klimapartner med Aarhus kommune
  • Go green with Aarhus

What we believe and what we can do!

Everyone deserves a quieter atmosphere

Carsten Andersen our CEO and Founder
Carsten Andersen, Founder
We believe that everyone deserves good comfort and a quiet environment to live, work and play in. At Scan Underlay, we know that reducement of noise is an important and vital part of everyday life. Therefore, our goal is to develop and produce the most sustainable products which are better at reducing noise in a modern world. We focus on next-generation performance and designs for better human comfort, which is why we develop our products for both better indoor acoustic and environmental needs. Our products significantly exceed standards for noise reduction and the footfall noise transmitted to lower floors. Our revolutionary rubber-textile fiber under-screed sound insulation ensures that sound disappears, heat is well-distributed, and moisture wicks away efficiently. Heavy foot traffic is supported and cushioned, and the experience and performance of this product will not degrade over time, respecting future generations. Read more

All of Scan Underlay's products

All products from Scan Underlay are designed and manufactured in Denmark. Scan Underlay is at the forefront of the sustainable revolution. We are proud to use 50% wind power and 50% natural gas at our factory. At any given time, we always provide a safe and healthy working environment for our team. Our products are designed to last for more than a lifespan of a building. Furthermore, our products are possible to reuse or recycle due to our technology. The Scan Underlay rubber-textile fiber eliminates the recycled tire waste that would otherwise go into landfills, offering an enormous saving of CO2 while delivering an end product with no off-gassing and life-long stability.

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Below are the most significant benefits of our products


Scan Underlay products are made from used car tires and turned into a patented rubber-textile material. The result is a sustainable and durable product with stability far beyond traditional underlays.


Our products are reusable at all times, which means you don’t need to change your underlay if you change your floor. If needed, we can take back the used product for cradle to cradle recycling.

CO2 Savings

By using recycled car tires that would otherwise go into landfills, we ensure enormous CO2 savings. We save the world approximately 1,2kg Co2 per m2 manufactured. We are proud to use 50% wind power and 50% natural gas in the Scan Underlay factory.

Up to 30% in-room noice reduction

You will experience impact sound disappearing and reduction of echoing. By installing Scan Underlay you will experience a great comfort and a quiet atmosphere.

Up to 34dB downstairs noice reduction

Our manufacturing technology ensures that sound is absorbed into the product and distributed evenly out into the rubber-textile mass. Downstairs occupants won’t hear the impact noise from above.

Suitable for floor heating

Our products are approved for floor heating and are safe to use near all types of floor heating systems. The underlay can withstand temperatures from -25 °C to 90 °C. Enjoy better acoustics and a heated floor at the same time

Low Emission

In emissions testing, Scan Underlay products are rated A+ for Europe and complies with California Department of Public Health 2010 Emission Standards. All our products are free of PVC.


Scan Underlay products retain its structure, the ability to breathe and ensures the performance throughout the lifespan of the building.

Made in denmark

Our products are designed and manufactured in Denmark. Scan Underlay is setting an example when it comes to the sustainable living revolution. Our concern for the climate, and our work environment are aligned with high standards.


What our customers say about us

  • We are using Scan Underlay due to the great acoustical performance and the green profile

    from Lodbyg Entreprise ApS
  • We are at OL Gulve very excited about Scan Underlay and the green profile. Furthermore, we are value our close and constructive collaboration, the flexible service and the products great capabilities

    from OL Gulve ApS
  • We are at A10 Tæpper og Gulve A/S very happy for the great relationship we have with Scan Underlay, as they are always helpful and flexible when contacting them. We are always getting the best possible help and when it counts Scan Underlay are always there. When it comes to delivery of goods, we don’t need to be nervous, it always comes as planned. If we are a little late with ordering, Scan Underlay almost always find a solution. When our workers are installing the Acoustic Silence Under Screed Insulation, they are happy working with it because it lays flat and stays at the spot. Moreover, our workers are thrilled that the Under-Screed Insulation aren’t breaking when pumping the screed/concrete and the concrete tube are being pulled on top of the material. Lastly and most positive, all over knocking/sound tests has been approved.

    from A10 Tæpper og Gulve A/S

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