• About us

    Get more insides about Scan Underlay and how we progress.

About us

Get more insides about Scan Underlay and how we progress.

Scan Underlay upcycles ground rubber tires into a rubber-textile for under-screed acoustic insulation and flooring underlayment. A high-quality product with great abilities, designed for high performance and environmental sustainability. Our innovative solution reduces impact sound and multi-story sound transmissions, works with floor heating, keeps the structure over time, is resistant to mold and is lightweight and easy to install.

Scan Underlay's History

Take a look at the history of Scan Underlay


Scan Underlay became a reality, the company was founded by the inventor Carsten Andersen based on more than 20 years of development experience. It all started with a vision about creating the most sustainable and best developed rubber-textile. Read more
Our foundation.

We went to market

In 2016 we went to the market with our product series Acoustic Silence. We were met by a huge enthusiasm from customers and collaborators. Our products were enrolled in several multi-storage buildings with great success. Read more
When we brought our product to reality.

Quality Assurance

In 2017 we focused on continuous quality improvement within all aspects of our company. A big part of the improvement consisted in getting our products further improved. In 2017 we exceeded our previous test results and got a Gold-certification A+ in indoor climate with the lowest amount of emission. Read more
Quality assurance.


2018 has been an excited year with many positive surprises. Scan Underlay is continuously developing and right now we are in a growing phase. We at Scan Underlay are proud of what we have accomplished and the recognition we receive from both our customers and the society around us. Read more